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Welcome, and thank you for visiting The Serenity House of Flint on-line. The Serenity House of Flint is a 501c3 non-profit recovery community organization that advocates on the current public health crisis of addiction as well as educating the community on the use of holistic healing options for recovery. The Serenity House of Flint organizes recovery advocacy and educational events for the community and offers multiple pathways to recovery which include holistic recovery services. We are a Michigan licensed CAIT program. The organization was founded by Tara Moreno in 2015.



To advocate on the public health crisis of addiction and inform the community of holistic medicine recovery. To help alleviate the sense of helplessness and hopelessness of those afflicted and end the stigma of addiction.


To eradicate the suffering of drug and alcohol addiction.


I just finished 6 reiki sessions with Tara. I reached out to Tara because I was going through a tough time, she explained to me was a “dark night of the soul”. It was very trying and confusing as I was releasing all sorts of accumulated pain and emotional baggage I didn’t realize I had been carrying, to the point of feeling I was on the edge of a mental break. Through our work together, I was able to get through that, process and release a lot and gain a clarity and feeling of centeredness and …
Carl Rogers, Environmental Engineer

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