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By Tara Moreno–When I began my journey towards recovery I started with 20 days in a rehab facility in Saginaw, Michigan. Rehab was the place where I learned about the 12-step program. This was the only program that was offered to me for recovery. During my stay, I knew that I never wanted to be in rehab again so I took the suggestions.
When I came home I did as many meetings as I could in 90 days. For about a year I was able to stay sober three months at a time. It wasn’t until I sat down to do a fourth and a fifth step that I was able to maintain a level of sobriety that was good enough for me at the time. Although I considered myself sober, I was still on a plethora of medication for anxiety and bipolar depression. Regardless, I was able to get some of my life back. I started seeing my daughter regularly–after losing custody of her while in rehab–and I returned to school to get a master’s degree and begin my career in jounrnalism.
It wasn’t until 2012, when my second child was born, that I would find an answer to why I had been suffering the way I had despite the AA suggestions, multiple fourth and fifth steps and psychotherapy and psychotropics. After my son fell ill, due to multiple food allergies, we started seeing an RN in West Bloomfield Hills. She was recommended by a midwife who told me she cured her son of a food allergies. The type of energy medicine she practiced is called NAET or Nambudripad’s Allergy Elimination Technique.  After few sessions with her I noticed a clearing of emotional and mental symptoms that were result of certain foods I had been eating. Miraculously, my son was able to eat dairy and eggs again without rashes, GERD, and other colic issues. One thing that stoood out though was that the practitioner said I was holding onto a lot of “negative” energy at the emotional level that was causing the imbalances to occur.
After finisihing a few months of NAET treatments, I became clearer and clearer in my search for a deeper kind of healing and stumbled upon a YouTube video by Teal Swan called “How to Heal the Emotional Body.” I followed the suggestions she outlined on Inner Child Work–this is a process where a person goes back in time in the mind’s eye and experiences any trauma associated with childhood from a first person perspective. I did the process for about a week and I noticed even more healing. I had more peace than ever.
After these revelations with energy medicine and Inner Child work, I knew I had to help the other people in my area who were suffering from addiction. That was when the Serenity House of Flint was born. I began the switch from being a journalist and started the process of organizing Serenity House. That was almost three years ago.
Since we have started operations, we have had three walk and rallys and we are coming up on our third arts and music. We have also been part of multiple local heath fairs, the Unite to Face Addiciton-Michigan event and other festivals and events across Michigan. Our mission at Serenity House is advocate on the current public health crisis of addiction and to inform the community on holistic options for recovery. We also want to provide transitional housing in the future.
Our programming will consist of recovery/holistic coaching, free yoga, reiki and auricular acupuncture, sound healing, aromatherapy, art therapy and massage, as well as workshops and classes on nutrition and empowerment. We also want to provide opportunities to grow food. Essentially, we will be a community creating a healthier and more natural way of living.
We hope to provide regular programming very soon and we are working with other community members who believe in Serenity’s mission and who want to help.

We hope to see you at our events soon!


Flint Serenity House

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  1. Great Article! The holistic approach has helped me to get back the life I once had. I’ve had many ups and downs throughout my life (more downs) most of which was my own doing, but sometimes you just fall into situations that kinda, just happen. I found holism through a friend and it has helped me to turn my life around completely. There a great community in Detroit that practices holistic’s and if you’re ever free you should stop by. Thanks again for the article, hope to see you in Detroit some time!

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