A Recovery Community Organization: Where All Belong

Providing holistic prevention services to heal addiction, codependency, and trauma in the individual and community.

Staff & Volunteers


Program Coordinator, Reiki Master, Acudetox Specialist, & Holistic Healing Hour Facilitator

Serena Gunn, CPRM, CADC is the former President of the Serenity House of Flint (SHOF).  Serena studied at Mott and is continuing her education in an undergrad social work program and plans to pursue a Master’s in Social Work at the University of Flint. As a person in long-term recovery, Serena has made it her mission to advocate for people in addiction recovery and educate the communities on holistic models for recovery from all addictions.  After committing to her recovery in recovery housing for 18 months she became a graduate of Flint Odyssey House.  Her career in the SUD field began in 2016 when she became a recovery coach at Odyssey House and transitioned to the adolescent program as she worked to become a Certified Alcohol and Addiction Counselor. Being on the front lines working daily with local schools, Adolescent Recovery Court, and Girls Court she spends endless hours educating and advocating for education and recovery supports the adolescents and their families. Currently, she sits on a Peer Advisory board in Flint. Serena shares her story on multiple platforms, conventions, 12-step fellowship, local panels, and travels the state in the hope that her story can inspire hope in the individuals and families.  She also is certified Reiki Master and an Auricular Detox Specialist.  She uses holistic models in groups she facilities with at risk youth and people in the community. She is currently a volunteer in the outreach program with SHOF and provides reiki and acudetox for its clients.

United Way VISTA member, recovery coach, and Reiki I practitioner

Tavé Kuckhoff is The Serenity House of Flint’s Americorp VISTA member (United Way)for the opioid crisis. Her job is to create data research and build capacity for the Serenity House. She is in recovery from opioid dependency and is very passionate about helping others to get what she has because “this is a beautiful life.”Tavé is a recovery coach and level 1 reiki pracitioner. She is also an advocate of a holistic lifestyle and is working to spread the love and knowledge of Holistics to the community. “I am honored to be able to work with The Flint Serenity House team.”

Child and Adolescent Yoga Istructor with an emphasis in at-risk, incarceration, and trauma

Ilona Curry has been employed as a paralegal in Flint for over 20 years. She practices harm reduction and has been a participant of the Holistic Healing Hour at the Serenity House of Flint for over a year. She has completed the 15-hour training with the Connection Coalition for Trauma Informed Youth Outreachm focusing on yoga programs for youth. Ilona has also completed the Prison Yoga Project training for providing Yoga and Mindfulness in prisons and jails. Ilona is currently pursuing her 200-hour Yoga teacher training certification and will soon be certified through Yoga Alliance. She also plans on pursuing a Reiki I training and trainings on aromatherapy and crystal healing. Ilona is a recovery ally. 


Staff Accountant 

Jamie Pemberton is a Flint native. She graduated from U of M-Flint with a degree in accounting with a minor in psychology. She also has an associates in social work. Jamie specializes in non-profit accounting and has worked for numerous non profits which include St. Luke New Life Center and Berston Field House. She is also the Director of Finance for Michigan State University. Jamie has been the Serenity House accountant for two years. Jamie is passionate about helping nonprofits fulfill their missions. Jamie is a person in long-term recovery.

Certified Adolescent & Adult Mindfulness Practitioner and Reiki Master

Melissa Franklin has a Bachelor of Science degree in sociology and psychology  from Oakland University. She is a McLean Meditation Institute certified meditation and mindfulness instructor (CMMI) and received mindfulness-based stress reduction training. Melissa is also a Reiki master and intuitive card reader. After being in the corporate world for over 30 years and feeling the stress associated with that she knew there was more to life. Melissa was introduced to meditation when her daughter was having heart surgery and the surgeon told Melissa that if she didn’t begin meditation she would end up being his next patient and probably wouldn’t survive. Once she experience the benefits firsthand she knew she had to bring the peace of meditation to others. Her desire to help people learn how to calm their minds and reduce stress has been her driving force in wanting to help her students. Melissa believes that meditation is one of the most beneficial practices you can bring into your life and she would love to help you develop your practice so that you can see amazing results and experience peace in your own life too. Melissa is a recovery ally. She lost her sister to drug addiction. 

Reiki Master & Acudetox Specialist

Janice Walker is a Level 2 Holy Fire Reiki Practitioner and Usui Master practicing since 2012. She was the first Certified Medical Reiki ™ Master in the State of Michigan having been instructed in the Medical Reiki ™ Gold Standards and Best Practices enabling her to take the practice of Reiki into various medical settings including preop, postop as well as the operating room as trained by Raven Keyes Medical Reiki ™ International in November 2016. She is very passionate about Reiki and has a strong desire to share and educate the public about the benefits of Reiki. In January 2018 she joined forces with Tara Moreno in launching The Serenity House Reiki Outreach. She currently holds the position of volunteer coordinator for the outreach organizing a group of certified Reiki practitioners who serve those in need as well as educating the public about the benefits of Reiki in the Genesee County area and beyond. Janice also facilitates a monthly Reiki share at the Life Enrichment Center on the 4th Saturday of the month. Janice is a recovery ally and currently supports family members in recovery. 

Reiki Master & Acudetox Specialist 

Terry Moore is a registered nurse and has been in the healthcare arena since 1974. She holds a Bachelors of Health Services Administration (Summa Cum Laude). Her specialty was working in surgical department at Hurley Medical Center. Terry also taught at Baker College in Flint, Michigan. After a rewarding 35-year career at Hurley Medical Center she retired in 2001. She continued her work in healthcare for another 10 years at The Surgery Center in Flint. Terry began her holistic journey when she completed her study of USUI SHIKI RYOH Reiki and was attuned in March of 2010. In July of 2016 she completed her Master / Teacher Degree. In December of 2018 Terry was introduced to Acudetox and in March of 2019 she completed the NADA Acupuncture Detoxification Specialist Training in Jackson, Michigan. In April she received her National Acupuncture Detoxification Association Certificate. Terry is a mother of two and grandmother of three.  She is an artist, poet and author of “Cancer: A Journey of Attitude and Gratitude.” She is an astute people watcher, by using her observational skills she creates artwork, poems and stories for her journals. She is passionate about using all her skills to help others in their pursuit of a healthier life. Terry is a recovery ally. 


Aromatherapy Specialist

Jennifer Davis is currently a program at General Motors. She has been in the automotive industry for the past 4 years, but her true calling is aromatherapy. She is an advocate of holistic healing having used alternative medicine most of her life. She is educated in essential oils and the many benefits they provide. She is passionate about sharing how essential oils can help a person in the recovery process from addiction and emotional trauma. She has shared a personal experience with addiction as a child and spouse of an addict. She is devoted to helping the community overcome this epidemic and enthusiastic about working with the Serenity House of Flint. Jen is a recovery ally.


Community Research Coordinator, Reiki Master, & EFT Practitioner

Michael Wallen is the Community Reasearch Coordinator for Serenity House and is the co-owner of Green Tara Holistic Recovery Services. Michael says it’s not uncommon when someone experiences addiction, co-dependency or trauma for their life to unravel. Michael helps Serenity House build capacity for research. His interests include gathering quantitative and qualitative data for the organization.  Michael holds certifications as an Acupuncture Detoxification Specialist, in WHEE (Wholistic Hybrid EMDR EFT) and in EFT-1.  He also has an Engineering Degree from the University of Michigan – Flint. “I believe it is the relationship that we have with ourselves that is ultimately what creates the world around us. Therefore, I want to help as many individuals to heal and change their internal reality as possible. This will impact our families, our communities and our society in a way that is quite miraculous,” says Michael. Michael is a person in long-term recovery with holistic methods.

Drumming Facilitators

Ool is the owner of StrongHeart Drum Medicine with his wife Kellie Pardi who is a staff member at Catholic Charities. The two have been working together over the past couple of years to deliver drum circles and drum ceremonies across Michigan. In 2014, Ool took a drumming class with Spirit Hawk of the Ojibwa Nation. He was given the name StrongHeart by Chief White Buffalo at a gathering in Alocna County, Michigan. The Pardi’s facilitate ceremonies in yoga studios, churches and private residences. Together they create a unique experience using native instruments from around the world. Kellie and Ool are recovery allies. 

Reiki Master & Holistic Healing Hour Facilitator 

Morgan Gross is 24 and native to Grand Blanc, MI. She is a mother to a daughter age three. As a student employee, she has been employed at Mott Community College since September of 2018. Currently a student at mott community college, she is finishing her associates in arts with a 3.7. As a social work candidate, her educational goals include pursuing her masters.


Reiki Level I Practitioner 

Natalie is a registered diagnostic cardiac sonographer for 16 years and works at a local hospital.   Natalie is a serenity house volunteer and has been attending holistic healing hour for over one year.  She has been sober for over 5 and a half years.  She is certified in reiki 1 and has been meditating since 2016.  Natalie  is currently taking yoga teacher training.  She enjoys riding her bike, walking, reading, swimming and yoga.  Natalie is a person in long-term recovery.