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Providing holistic prevention services to heal addiction, codependency, and trauma in the individual and community.

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Chakras – What you Should Know

By Sarah Shaw There are seven main chakras, which run along the spine, each of the body’s basic chakras are…

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Yoga’s Emotional Healing Component

Dear Yoga, You are a good friend of mine. Quite possibly you have saved my life many times. How can…

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The Opioid Crisis – A Personal Message

By Sarah Shaw This week I have heard of three new deaths attributed to substance abuse and the opioid epidemic…

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What is Grounding?

By Sarah Shaw Grounding or Earthing is the practice of energetically and physically connecting oneself to the earth. Anything electrical…

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Introduction to Meditation – The Benefits and 5 Easy Tips for Success

By Sarah Shaw Meditation has started to become more mainstream and utilized as a fantastic addition to ones personal care…

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Reiki for Recovery

Sarah performing Reiki at a health fair in Flint. Sarah is a reiki master and a person in long-term recovery….

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Why Holistic Options

By Tara Moreno–When I began my journey towards recovery I started with 20 days in a rehab facility in Saginaw,…

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