Carl Rogers, Environmental Engineer

I just finished 6 reiki sessions with Tara. I reached out to Tara because I was going through a tough time, she explained to me was a “dark night of the soul”. It was very trying and confusing as I was releasing all sorts of accumulated pain and emotional baggage I didn’t realize I had been carrying, to the point of feeling I was on the edge of a mental break. Through our work together, I was able to get through that, process and release a lot and gain a clarity and feeling of centeredness and much greater awareness of self. Through Tara’s work and guidance I was able to turn what was at first a very chaotic experience into a lot of healing and growth. The combination of reiki and auricular acupuncture was especially beneficial to regaining a feeling of centeredness and bliss. I would highly recommend Tara for guidance, reiki and auricular acupuncture to anyone who feels they could benefit, whether under similar circumstances, to proactively delve into more inner work, or to relieve stress.

Greg Sumner

‘I was in so much physical pain, struggled with depression and anxiety when I first met Tara. Little did I know she was gonna change my life. I had followed her journey for a few years through facebook and figured whatever she’s doing has got to help. Initially going to her to try and get thru the physical pain she discovered I was spiritually and emotionally MESSED UP. I was skeptical but very opened minded. When she first told me on our first reiki visit that I was an example of emotional trainwreck I didn’t wanna believe it. After a few more visits I half heartedly believed her. As our sessions continued and her healing hands continued to heal alot of the crap that was trapped inside me I began to understand. Since seeing her I have been off the anxiety meds, the depression meds and unbelievably the pain meds. I have been able to rebuild relationships with people (family) that I thought were long gone. I’m much more in touch with who I am as person and who I always should’ve been. I’m happy! Everything this magnificent woman is can change a person’s life. If you suffer from anxiety, depression, physical pain and nothing seems to work, Tara and reiki is the best way to live a new life!!’

Leslie Plamandon

About a month ago I started Reiki sessions with Tara Moreno– I’ve done a total of 3 sessions so far– tomorrow will be my fourth–When I first started my mind and body were completely out of balance– After 3 sessions my anxiety has decreased by 50%– along with that I’m able to deal with my emotions much better– Tara has a gift– The energy that she carries is amazing. My daughter & I have had an extremely tough year– This has helped me in such a huge way–Along with myself my daughter Maddie just did her first session with Tara as well– We’re very excited to see the outcome she’ll have. If you don’t know what Reiki is look it up– Please contact me via messenger or look Tara up on facebook if you have any questions or may be interested in a session– Tara makes you feel right at home and explains everything. Best decision I ever made!

Sarah Nicole

I went to Tara struggling with addiction and fresh out of rehab. I was willing to try anything. Honestly, I didn’t really know what to expect… What I was hoping for was to be more connected and to maybe find myself, find my purpose. Meeting Tara was very comfortable. I immediately liked her. My first reiki session I had visions and my body was twitching… Energy! She educated me on all this afterwards. Overall, my experience was absolutely, exactly what I needed, I now meditate. I have always wanted to meditate, but I didn’t know how. Those three sessions with Tara thought me to more mindful and in control of what I can control…myself. I would highly recommend reiki by Tara to anyone but especially to someone who’s struggling with chaos of any sort.’ ~Sarah Nicole

Tracey Lacina

Reiki has been life changing. I’m more in tune with myself, nature, animals and mankind. All things I’ve loved, but allow myself to spend more time with again. I’m happier, healthier and more myself than I’ve been in 20+ years. I’ve found a passion and craving for facilitating humans to be their better self.

Jamie MacNeill

I have been meeting with Tara Moreno weekly for about 2 months for Reiki treatments. Reiki is energy medicine, and for me it’s another tool in my tool box for healing myself. I am head over heels in love with this. Each time I go I feel lighter and more at peace. I leave with a deep sense of calm and understanding. I think this has helped me so much and I just wanted to share. If you have any questions Tara is a very knowledgeable and incredible teacher, so please feel free to ask her. I can honestly say that this is something I wasn’t even aware that I needed in my life. At first I was pretty apprehensive. I was referred to her by my holistic medicine doctor, and I’m thankful everyday that I met Tara. So take a second, do something really positive for yourself and try Reiki, you will love it! Jamie MacNeill

Donna Muska

I was feeling like I have been having trouble with carpal tunnel not having any feeling left in my hands and after my third Reiki session I started having relief and I had feeling back in my hands. I felt like I was emotionally drained before the Reiki and I tried to balance myself out and… now I am back to feeling balanced. – Donna Muska

Serena Gunn

After 10 years of addictive addiction I had lost all hope of living a life without drugs and alcohol. I had tried rehab countless times, moved away from bad influences, and attempted 12 step meetings. My disease grew stronger and I became weaker. During the darkness time of my addiction, Tara reached out and offered to teach me about Reiki. During my first Reiki session I experience dsomething I hadn’t felt in more than a decade: I was relaxed, anxiety free, and happy.

Tenesia Todd

The Reiki sessions that I did were amazing. I was taking medication for high blood pressure, heart burn and Afib. After three sessions my meds were lowered. Also, after a while my doctor took me totally off of one of my meds. I have learned about doing inner child work, which is embracing my emotions instead of denying them, or worse, replacing them with something else. This is how addiction comes in. It’s a very emotional process, but very worth it. I am benefiting from getting still, taking deep breaths and feeling the emotion as it rises and then dealing with it. It’s a process that takes time but I am reaping the benefits through weight loss, stress relief, and other factors.

Kim Peacock

Tara has helped me to realize that I can be a healthier me in all aspects. It takes a lot of work, but it’s never too late to start. I enjoy feeling better and am going to the doctor in a couple of weeks as I feel that I may have to adjust my blood pressure medication or may not even need it at all. This would be wonderful. I have a very long way to go, but meeting Tara and experiencing the gifts God has given her to help and heal others has been such a Blessing. I will continue the work on me. I didn’t believe it was possible, but with God, All things are possible!