Our Story

Serenity House of Flint is a 501c3 recovery community organization that advocates on the current public health crisis of addiction as well as informing the public of holistic options for recovery. At this time Serenity holds annual events to reduce the stigma surrounding addiction. Serenity also has the capacity to regularly offer reiki therapy, massage therapy, acupuncture, yoga therapy, mindfulness meditation, dance meditations and peer-to-peer counseling to people in recovery and their friends and family. These modalities are offered at Serenity events.

Meet the Board

Tara Moreno

Founder & CEO

Tara Moreno M.A., holds a master’s degree in Composition and Rhetoric from the University of Michigan-Flint and currently teaches and practices holistic healing for people in recovery and their friends and family. Moreno has worked as a news reporter before becoming the founder of Serenity House in 2015. Since, Moreno has had training in recovery coaching through Genesee Health Systems, is a member of the Genesee Alcohol and Addiction Prevention Coalition, sits on Genesee County’s Family Against Narcotics advisory board and also volunteers for the group Michigan Recovery Voices. Her network also includes the Unite to Face Addiction- Michigan, an advocacy group that holds an annual event at Michigan’s State Capitol. Moreno is also a certified Reiki master and is a person in long-term recovery. She has private practice where she has treated about a 100 clients with reiki in the past two years.

Serena Gunn


Serena Gunn has been a mentor for women throughout her life and career. Gunn is a peer recovery coach for Odyssey House and is also a Reiki practitioner and has been using the modality on a regular basis along with a 12-step program for her own recovery. Gunn is a passionate community member with a focus on addiction advocacy and holistic medicine.

Desiree Duell

Vice President

Desiree Duell is a interdisciplinary social practice artist + activist based in Flint, MI. She uses art as a tool to strengthen and heal disenfranchised communities. She has collaborated with numerous organizations across the United States including Flint Public Art Project, PICO National Network, and Baltimoreans United in Leadership Development. She also exhibits nationally and internationally. Her work has been featured in the New York Times, Hyperallergic, Michigan Radio, Detroit Art Review, and Actipedia. She has received generous support from the National Endowment for the Arts, Aspen Institute, Andy Warhol Foundation, and the Ruth Mott Foundation.


Devon Godfrey

Devon Godfrey is a local developer who has done work with many types of businesses from online soap stores to website networks for his clients. He's passionately focused on personal development and takes great care in sharing and helping people with what he's learned. Devon's involvement roots from his interest in "MicroAddictions", and is focused on making sure people are aware of the dangers posed by these types of addictions.

Devon is currently developing a mobile phone app built around his philosophy that he feels will bring big change to peoples lives. He is also working on publishing his first book and launching his new venture: ByMorte.


Harry Blecker

Harry Blecker has extensive practical experience in all aspects of program and project development, including management, administration, monitoring, evaluation, sponsor relations, and negotiations as well as experience in community/professional group presentations. Harry has worked with elected government and school officials, management teams, small businesses, non-profit organizations, operational staff, and private consultants and citizens as well as statewide legislative and veteran's affairs liaison for the MI-SBDC. Blecker has supervised diverse staff, including students, in multiple locations as well as taught as an adjunct faculty instructor at Lansing Community College.

Board Member

Keith M. Mullaly is a life long resident of Flint, and has a passion his hometown of Flint, Michigan. He is passionate about helping Genesee County move forward. Mullaly has a B.A in Communications, Public Relations from the University of Michigan-Flint, and is also working on his Masters in Public Administration At the University of Michigan-Flint. "I believe in working together to create amazing communities. I also think an education is very important, as well as opportunities," Mullaly says.